Homeopathy in Ghana

In September-October last year I spent six weeks volunteering at the Ghana Homeopathy Project’s busy Hope Clinic in Mafi Kumase in the Volta Region. The clinic is run by former water engineer and talented homeopath Samuel Tsamenyi, known as Emperor (a nickname from his school days), whose reputation brings patients from far and wide. He [...]

“A Dripping Honeycomb”: Hildegard of Bingen’s Liturgical Songs, with particular reference to the Songs to St Ursula

An essay I wrote in 1995, which was commended in the Gregory Dix Memorial Awards at Elmore Abbey. I thought it deserved an airing! Hildegard of Bingen (1098-1179)1 has become justly famous in the latter part of this century for her mystical, scientific and medical writings and her extensive correspondence with the religious and political [...]

Homeopathy for trauma and bereavement

This is an article I wrote some years ago and had forgotten about until I came across it recently on a colleague’s website. It was interesting to re-read it after all this time! During my first year of Homeopathy training some friends came to stay with us shortly after witnessing the brutal murder of a [...]

Shame and creativity

Shame is a potent inhibitor of identity, agency and creativity. It originates in our earliest relationships with the adults we depend on for survival. The way we manage shame later in life is directly influenced by our early attachment needs and the way these are or are not met; by the way our interest and [...]

Delivering dignity and restoring pride – nursing older people

The NHS Confederation’s ‘Delivering Dignity’ report is encouraging. It highlights the prevalence of ageism in British society, rightly asserts the fundamental needs and rights of older people, and recognises the problems induced by command and control leadership, and low status, task orientated care provision. The first of the report’s key recommendations to care homes advises the [...]

A shameful state of care?

The gravity of the Care Quality Commission’s finding that one in five NHS Hospitals are neglecting elderly patients to a criminal extent was compounded in November 2011 by the Equality and Human Rights Commission report, which reveals that thousands of elderly people in England receive care services at home that are so poor their human [...]