Building Teams

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychometric tool that provides a structure or framework for understanding personality. Based on the theory of Carl Jung, the MBTI offers a positive assessment of personality type, helping individuals and groups to identify and work to their strengths, while remaining aware of potential weak spots and suggesting ways of managing these.

Each of the sixteen types are of equal value – none is better or worse than the others. The MBTI recognises that we each have our unique story. It does not seek to pigeonhole individuals, but to identify and explain points of similarity and difference, helping individuals and groups to understand themselves and each other better.

Miryam has been fascinated by the MBTI for 30 years and has incorporated it into her work since 2006. She is qualified in MBTI Steps I and II. She helps individuals, groups and organisations to apply insights from the MBTI to leadership development, team building, interview technique, 360°Feedback, career development, managing change and stress, learning preferences, work and personal relationships.