Hello, I’m Miryam. I’m a Registered Homeopath, MBTI consultant, writer and researcher. In case you’re wondering, I’m not a medical doctor – I have a PhD on shame and sexuality. My main area of research at the moment is dementia care and I write for socialcare.co.uk. Here’s how I came to be interested in the things I do.


I started using homeopathy when I had my first baby at home nearly 27 years ago. My midwife gave me a homeopathic remedy for mastitis and it worked a treat. I’d grown up with conventional medicine but had a couple of bad experiences and had later become interested in herbal medicine and flower remedies. These got me through labour very quickly and with no need for conventional pain relief, and when Katy offered me a homeopathic remedy, I was keen to try it. A few months later, after a couple of false starts, we found the right homeopath for us, and have not looked back!

In 1995, with my second baby on the way, I started my homeopathy training. I had another very quick home birth, this time using homeopathy through pregnancy, labour and afterwards. When my kids were small, homeopathy was a god-send. We were able to deal with run of the mill colds and sniffles, the odd ear infection, and old-fashioned childhood illnesses (measles, mumps, chicken pox and whooping cough) safely, with minimal fuss, and without resorting to pharmaceuticals. Because we use homeopathy, we have rarely needed to see a doctor or use antibiotics. In fact, I haven’t taken prescription medication for nearly 30 years!

I qualified as a homeopath in 2000 and have been seeing patients regularly since then. These days I lecture at the Contemporary College of Homeopathy in Bristol and the Sophia School in Derbyshire. I also supervise students and experienced homeopaths and I’m an approved supervisor for the Society of Homeopaths.


I’ve been fascinated by the MBTI since I first completed the questionnaire at Theological College in 1987. In 2006 I finally trained to be a practitioner! Since then I’ve worked with a range of fabulous people, from running fun-filled workshops around camp fires for groups of teenagers to providing MBTI profiling and coaching for senior managers in the public and voluntary sectors. My absolute favourite MBTI workshop was in a Dorset field with a group of 30 or so people who ranged in age from 10 – 84! If you are interested in a consultation or workshop please contact me to discuss your needs.

Writing and research

I studied English and then theology at university in New Zealand, where I grew up. About 15 years ago I stopped going to church, but still wanted to contribute to the theological discussion on the church’s response to women and sexuality so I did a PhD at Bristol University and then wrote my book ‘Shame, the Church and the Regulation of Female Sexuality’, which was published in 2017 (you can read a review of it here). For the last few years I’ve also been working in dementia care and now research and write about what it’s like to work in this area and how I imagine it feels for people with dementia and their loved ones.

In my spare time

I enjoy camping with friends, cycling, walking and growing things on our allotment.